What do I need to run my Swifty?

Swifty is a compact CNC table with big capabilities, all you need at home is...

A PC with internet connection

You will need to be familiar with Windows, able to move and transfer files, and have a basic understanding of IP addresses. However, we do provided detailed installation and operating instructions where necessary.

To use Swifty to its full potential, it’s helpful if you have experience of using a program to cut shapes in a DXF format, whether using CAD or artistic programs. If you’d like to learn more, there are many YouTube videos available to help you.

An air compressor

First, you’ll need to decide on your compressor type. If you’re only cutting a few parts a day, a light duty compressor such as this one could work for you. If you’ll be cutting more regularly, this heavier duty option will be better suited to your needs.

Air quality is also an important part of the plasma process, as bad air will reduce cut quality and consumable life. We recommend our air installation kit, which includes pipes, fittings and a 3-stage filtration system.

Access to power

Swifty will work on a normal domestic supply of 110v or 230v, however the plasma unit may need its own supply. This should be installed by an electrician as it can be up to 32a - please check your requirements with an approved electrician.

Power requirements are as follows:

  • Swifty - 230v 6amp / 110v 10a supply
  • 30SC plasma unit - 230v 16a / 110v 32a
  • Hyp 45XP plasma unit - 230v 32a
  • 2kw compressor - 230v 8a
  • 3kw compressor - 230v 12a
  • PC/laptop - 110v/230v depending on PC type

Plasma source

The following plasma sources are suitable for use with Swifty:

  • Hypertherm Powermax 45
  • Hypertherm Powermax 45XP

All of these can be purchased here along with your Swifty table, or individually here.

A big enough bench

You’ll need a suitable bench with enough space to place your Swifty table and the control PC terminal. Swifty measures 103cm x 108cm x 46cm excluding cable support, so bear this in mind when checking if your space is suitable.

Water source

You need to ‘add water’ which will absorb the majority of fumes caused by plasma cutting and cool components. You will need to add anti-fungal tablets and anti-rust solution to the water tray to stop the build up of bacteria and limit rusting of ferrous components. Both can be purchased here along with your Swifty table.

Got everything you need?

Just one more thing to do:

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